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Lincoln Park Tower, 1960 Lincoln Park West


G3 provides pre-construction and site evaluation services to meet a very diverse spectrum of construction needs.

G3 works with clients to budget a tenant improvement, facility expansion or ground up construction on a site that requires site development.


Our team of architects, engineers, estimators and executive project managers work very closely with our clients,  their real estate brokers and A/E teams to evaluate and budget the cost of their proposed construction project for sites that the client and broker are considering. Our Pre-construction / Site Evaluation services ensure that the client selects the best site to support their operations and the scope, budget and schedule that their operations require.

Contact the G3 Construction Group today if you would like to utilize our expertise to evaluate a project your are considering so that we may provide you with the budget and scheduling information to support your site evaluation due diligence.


G3’s Pre-Construction/Site Evaluation Services include:


  • Initial meetings with the client and project management team to discuss the project’s scope, schedule and budget tolerance for the project.

  • Evaluation of potential sites to build the project

  • Environmental due diligence (Phase 1 & 2 Assessments)

  • Conceptual project scope, schedule and budget development to support each project's construction

  • Value engineering options

  • Selection of the best build process to support the project –Design-Build, Construction Management or General Contracting performance.


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