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Offering professional Third-Party Development Services, Design/Build, Construction Management, and General Contracting, the G3 Construction Group can truly bring your vision to life with the construction option that best meets your project’s needs.


Complex renovation projects that require minor or major environmental remediation are expertly performed by the G3/Hygieneering team to professionally control the project related liabilities and costs simultaneously. G3 takes great pride and care to work with clients in meeting and exceeding their professional expectations on each and every project.

Our extensive background in providing comprehensive Third-Party Development and Construction Management Services ensures that each project’s scope, budget and schedule are expertly established through professional communication with the Client, Architects/Engineers and our prequalified sub trades.

The G3/Hygieneering team also provides valued clients with our proven Emergency Response and Incident Command (ERIC™) Disaster Recovery Program that provides a one call system 24/7/365 to provide a very rapid and organized response to stabilize and bring emergency/disaster impacted facilities back to a pre-incident condition.


The ERIC™ program’s “state of the art” Emergency Response and Incident Command (ERIC™) Disaster Recovery Command Center rapidly deploys and expertly manages all resources required to stabilize and restore all types of real estate assets within the markets in which we serve. Our ERIC™ teams expertly assess the potential environmental health and safety issues that can arise when a disaster occurs. This assessment ensures that First Responders and the real estate asset's Occupant's health and safety are properly protected while the facility's structure is rapidly stabilized, mitigated and professionally restored to a pre-incident condition to preserve the future reputation and value of the real estate asset.

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