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G3 Constructs Tenant Improvement (TI) Projects 

G3 works very closely with commercial facility Owners, Property Managers, Owners Reps, Brokers and Tenants to professionally develop the project’s scope, schedule and budget cost that’s associated with each unique tenant improvement project. Our team provides viable value engineering options to assist our clients in maximizing the scope of their project while building the project within a sq. ft. cost that will support the lease deal/client budget.


G3 has built hundreds of tenant improvement projects and has the experience that continues to meet and exceed our client’s expectations for the tenant improvements that their operations require.

G3 Constructs Base Building Projects to include:

•    Lobby and Common Corridor Renovation
•    Elevator Modernization
•    Pipe Riser Replacement
•    Exterior Façade Restoration 
•    Glazing Replacement 
•    Roof Replacement 
•    Parking Lot and Walkway Replacement and Expansions 



G3 Provides Emergency Response and Incident Command (ERIC) Project Management Services 
G3 provides a one call system to provide Emergency Response and Incident Command (ERIC) Disaster Recovery Services to support commercial facility operations. The ERIC program protects the 1st Responders and Occupant’s health and safety while rapidly stabilizing and restoring commercial facilities back to a pre-incident condition when a disaster occurs.


Contact the G3 Construction Group today to discuss how our team can support your next commercial tenant improvement, base building or new out of the ground construction project or to enroll your facility into G3's well proven and utilized ERIC program.

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