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The G3 Construction Group (G3) works within food processing plants to construct facility expansions, interior tenant improvements, new process line installations and base building work related projects. G3 provides Design-Build, Construction Management and General Contracting services to build projects within the food processing market sector. G3 has the experience to safely build within the food processing environmental to control the construction dust and chemicals that can be associated with cutting, sanding and the curing process of paints, mastics and glues that may be introduced to the environment through the construction process. 

G3 engages Hygieneering’ Inc.’s team of Certified Industrial Hygienists and Certified Safety Professionals to evaluate each project in which we support to ensure that the environmental health and safety aspects of each project are properly identified and managed to support the projects safe, time and cost-efficient performance.


G3 also provides a one call system to provide Emergency Response and Incident Command (ERIC) Disaster Recovery Services to support food processing facility operations. The ERIC program protects the occupant’s health and safety and rapidly stabilizes and restores food processing facilities back to a pre-incident condition when a disaster occurs.


Contact the G3 Construction Group today to discuss how our team can support your next Food Processing renovation, expansion or new out of the ground construction project.

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