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Rosalind Franklin University, North Chicago, IL 

G3’s Professional Construction Management Services Include:

  • Conceptual Project Scope, Design, Budget and Schedule Development-working while working with the client and the client’s selected/retained Architectural and Engineering (A&E) Team

  • Working with the client and their selected A&E firms as a team to finalize the Architectural and Engineering Plans/Bid/Permit Documents

  • Open Book (client reviewed) Competitive Sub Contractor Bid Solicitation Process

  • Seamless Construction Project Performance

  • Project Permitting, Scheduling, On-site Project Management, Environmental & Safety Management and comprehensive overall Project Accounting services

  • Project Closeout, Warranties, As-Built Drawings & Facility Commissioning Services

  • Move in Management (if requested)




G3’s Construction Management Services expertly supports a true team approach between the client, the client’s A/E firm and G3 that maintains the common goal to successfully construct projects in the most cost and time efficient manner possible. 


The pre-construction services that G3 provides takes the guessing game out of the equation of whether the project's scope and cost will be in line with the client's budget tolerance. This is accomplished through budgeting and value engineering the project’s scope and design before and while the construction plans/bid & permitting documents are developed and ultimately completed. 

This approach provides a well proven and utilized cost/plus build solution that supports a competitive bid process (open booked for client review) while utilizing a stable of pre-qualified sub-trades to successfully build each project.

The Construction Management and Design – Build options that G3 provides to successfully build projects for our valued business partners is the most time and cost-efficient means to professionally team build any type of project. It greatly reduces costly change orders and schedule delays by having G3 involved in the development of the projects plans and the constructability of the project from the conceptual phase of the project through its final completion.



G3 provides professional General Contracting services to build projects for facility owners, property managers, owners reps, architects/engineers, commercial real estate brokers and tenants to meet a very diverse spectrum of construction needs. G3 has experienced Construction Project Estimators and Executive Project Managers that conduct a comprehensive review of the construction project’s permit/bid plans to define if there are gaps or constructability issues within the plans that should be addressed before the project is awarded. This due diligence greatly reduces the potential for costly change orders and project delays. These professionals also work diligently to provide the client with viable value engineering options that the client may consider to save project capital and time to support the construction of their project. It is always the goal of G3 to build a project within the most cost and time efficient manner possible to maintain our excellent reputation and to earn our client’s repeat business.



G3’s General Contracting Services Include:

  • Overall Project Evaluation

  • Bid & Schedule Alignment

  • Architectural and Engineering Document Review

  • (Voluntarily provided) Alternate Value Engineering Scope/Pricing Suggestions (when feasible)

  • Comprehensive total lump sum bid and schedule submission

  • Project Permitting, Accounting, Environmental and Safety Management

  • Professional Construction Project Performance

  • Project Closeout, Warranties, As-Built Drawings & Facility Commissioning Services

  • Move in Management (if requested)


Contact the G3 Construction Group today if you have a project that you would like to have G3 price and build for you!

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