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July 2020

Company News & Updates 

Through the first half of 2020, we've been fortunate enough to stay busy, and safe,  during a global pandemic. Read more here about projects we've been working on, and how we are navigating this new Covid environment. 


August 2020

Company News & Updates 

With many ongoing capital improvement projects, this summer has kept us busy! Check out this month's newsletter to learn about how G3's Construction Management Division successfully manages these large scale projects, and takes the load off of Property Managers. From pre-construction to completion, G3 adheres to the established scope, schedule, and budget every step of the way! 


September 2020

Company News & Updates 

As summer comes to an end, we couldn't be more fortunate and grateful for the abundance of work to keep us busy this season! From facade renovations, to garage repairs, and even a roof replacement project, G3 has successfully completed multiple projects in the past few months, amid an ongoing pandemic. Check out this month's newsletter to learn more!

Building the Future & Restoring the Past

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