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ERIC™ Program Key Benefits:


  1. One call system, one point of contact to cover the entire emergency response and restoration process. Greatly reduces the emergency response workload for our clients allowing them to focus on their normal job responsibilities.

  2. Rapid deployment and management for building stabilization, water extraction, structure drying/repair, disinfection & smoke/environmental remediation, temp power/heat/AC, earthwork, sandbagging and comprehensive facility restoration to a pre-incident condition.

  3. Provides credentialed and experienced environmental and construction professionals that manage, test and document the project’s emergency response and facility restoration phases.

  4. Insulates the client from the emergency response and restoration phases by providing true experts in the environmental, safety and construction fields and an additional layer of Professional Liability ($2 mil) and General Liability ($17 mil), A rated insurance coverage.

  5. Provides Architectural, Structural, MEP Engineering and Elevator/ Roofing consulting experts when required.

  6. The ERIC™ program is customized for each facility to provide a rapid and organized emergency response with trades/resources that have been pre-qualified to work within the facility.

  7. The ERIC™ program has no enrollment cost for our team to customize the ERIC™ program to professionally protect your facility.

  8. Once the insurance deductible has been met for perils that are covered, the ERIC™ program is fully covered through the insurance claim process that our ERIC™ team professionally manages with our clients when a disaster occurs.




The G3/ Hygieneering, Inc. team’s well proven and utilized Emergency Response and Incident Command (ERIC™) Disaster Recovery program provides a one call system to properly protect 1st Responder and Facility Occupants’ health and safety and the future value and reputation of your real estate asset when a disaster occurs.

The G3/Hygieneering, Inc. ERIC™ teams are comprised of credentialed and experienced Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals, Microbiologists, Environmental Engineers and Construction Management Professionals. When engaged, our ERIC™ teams rapidly deploy and professionally manage all required emergency response and restoration resources to quickly stabilize and bring a facility back to a pre-incident condition in the most time efficient manner possible while within strict compliance with insurance industry guidelines.

G3’s state of the art EMERGENCY RESPONSE AND INCIDENT COMMAND DISASTER RECOVERY CENTER supports our ERIC™ teams in the field by rapidly deploying all (pre-qualified) resources required to stabilize and restore your damaged structure to a pre-incident condition. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

To engage professional Emergency Response and Incident Command (ERIC™) Disaster Recovery Services that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year simply call (844) ERIC- USA or (844) 374-2872.


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