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G3 provides full-service, turnkey Design - Build, Construction Management and General Contracting  solutions for Condo, HOA, Apartment and Senior Living Association Facilities to address a multitude of construction requirements within the multi-tenant residential market. 

G3's Design - Build & Construction Project Management Services:

  • Provides project design/permit drawings/bid documents, sub-trade bid solicitation, project scheduling, onsite daily project management and environmental & safety management. 

  • Provides Associations with an open book review of all competitive bids that have been received and qualified by G3's Construction Management/Design Build team to transparently develop and approve the overall project scope and final cost with the Associations we work with as a team. 

  • Reduces liability, schedule delays and costly change orders by having G3 actively involved with each project from conceptional design through final completion.

  • Reduces workload for the property management, enabling them to better serve each association.

  • Bridges communication gaps with daily reports.

  • Ensures all projects are built within local codes.

  • Successfully builds each project within each project's scope, schedule and budget that has been approved by each Condo/HOA Board of Directors upon completion of the pre-construction phase. 

  • Protects the association's best interest every step of the way to support the total success of each and every project.


G3 provides Design-Build, Construction Management and General Contacting Services to support the following:


  • Ground-Up Construction of Apartment, Condo, and Senior Living Facilities

  • Common Area Renovations

  • Elevator Modernization

  • Pipe Riser Repairs & Replacement

  • Exterior Facade and Balcony Inspections, Repair, and Replacement

  • Window Replacement

  • Roof Replacement

  • Mechanical System Replacement/Upgrades

  • Asphalt Replacement for Roads and Parking Lots to include new Road and Parking Lot Development

  • Building Envelope Inspection and Water Infiltration Repairs

  • Fire Code Compliance Related Projects 

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