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Gold Coast Condo Association Garage Repairs


Chicago, IL

G3 Construction Group was engaged by the Board of Directors for this Gold Coast Condo Association to oversee the required inspections and post-tension tendon repairs for the parking garage. G3 coordinated with the approved engineer and oversaw invasive inspections of the 2nd floor of the garage, as well as further non-invasive inspections to the 3rd and 4th floor levels. It was determined that post tension tendon repairs were identified on the 2nd floor, as well as a host of concrete repairs.

G3 Construction Group Construction Management Phase Services Include:

• Daily Coordination and Comprehensive On-Site Construction Management of the project to ensure that the work is being executed per the plans and specifications while supporting the project’s established schedule and final cost. Scope of work performed included:
o Slab and curb repair
o Tendon splice & repair
o Install PT sheathing
o Install waterproofing membrane and striping
• Daily emailed progress reports to inform the Association of the project’s progression, any issues that may require a team discussion, as well as a weekly overall schedule update.
• Schedule progress meetings
• Coordination and management of all City building inspections.
• Comprehensive project accounting and billing of the project
• Safety Management: Safety inspections of the job site are performed daily by our onsite superintendents and periodically through safety professionals provided by Hygieneering, Inc. (G3’s affiliated company which is a full-service safety and environmental engineering firm).
• Establish and execute the final punch list to deliver the project in a professional and time efficient manner.
• Project submittal, clerical support, and delivery of the close out package to include as built drawings, applicable equipment manuals, and warranties.

Through value engineering, FSPM was able to return over $144,000 in unused allowances to the Association.

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