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Corporate Office Expansion


Park Ridge, IL
G3 was engaged by Hobbs Brook Management to support this corporate office expansion. Our team obtained all permits, licenses, and approvals, and also coordinated the activities/schedule of all subcontractors including daily COVID screenings (temperate checks, sanitizing stations, face coverings, etc.). A superintendent was on-site to ensure project efficiency.

The scope of work included:

Demolition/removal of flooring, doors, frames, ceiling tiles, drywall headers/soffits and ceiling as specified

Construction of new walls for office layout

Furnish and install ceiling tile, TV supports, and insulation

Repair/installation of required fireproofing and mounted fire devices

Prepare, prime, and paint of specified walls, door frames, and window pockets

Relocate/provide new fire sprinkler heads to accommodate new office layout

Furnish and install new flooring, doors, frames, and hardware

HVAC demolition as required

Install new HVAC fixtures

Phone/data wiring

Electrical renovations as specified

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