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Rosalind Franklin University Vertical Research Lab, North Chicago, IL 

Two Story-Vertical Expansion Research Laboratory Project, Rosalind Franklin University, North Chicago, IL 


Once the client’s key expectations for the project have been met through the performance of the pre-construction phase and the project is given the green light, G3 expertly manages the A/E team to design the project within the established scope, budget and schedule that the client has approved and fully expects to support the construction phase of the project. G3 utilizes the completed construction plan/permit/bidding documents to perform a very comprehensive and competitive bidding process with

pre-qualified sub trades to professionally bid and build the project. G3 also provides the client’s with an open book review of all bid results to further demonstrate that the project is being built in not only a time efficient manner to support the approved project scope but also in a very cost efficient manner within the approved project budget.

The Design–Build and Construction Management options that G3 provides to build projects for our valued clients is the most time and cost efficient means to professionally build a project as a team. It greatly reduces costly change orders and project schedule delays by having G3 involved in the development of the projects plans and the constructability of the project from the conceptual phase of the project through its final completion.

Contact the G3 Construction Group today to discuss how our professional Design - Build capabilities can save you project capital and valuable time and will deliver your project to you on time and in budget every time!


G3’s Professional Design - Build Services Include:

  • Initial Site Evaluation

  • Conceptual Project Design, Budget and Schedule Development

  • Assistance with Securing Project Finance (when requested)

  • Finalized Architectural and Engineering Plans/Bid/Permit Documents

  • Open Book (client reviewed/approved) Competitive Sub Contractor Bid Solicitation Process

  • Seamless Construction Project Performance

  • Project Permitting, Accounting, Environmental and Safety Management

  • Project Closeout, Warranties, As-Built Drawings & Facility Commissioning Services

  • Move in Management (if requested)

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